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Hi, I’m Xixi

About Me

I’m a passionate game designer and producer with a background in landscape architecture, bringing a unique interdisciplinary perspective to location-based entertainment and game environmental design. I’m currently a student at the Entertainment Technology Center, CMU.

Nice to meet you virturally!

nightmare breaker

A multiplayer game using adaptive controller in Cavern

bubble fantasy

An enchanting VR game using hand track and pass through in Quest 3


A dystopia story through a series of narrative spaces in Mozilla Hub

In Progress

Voxalburgh: Language Revives Culture

A location based AR game where users can use virtual postcards to share stories about culture connections.

Toward Dynamic Optimization

Combining AI and Evidence-based Health Design for the Elderly

Prevention of pandemic risk

Streetscape design through artificial intelligence and design strategies

Cencun Youth “Rooting” Project

Youth-Friendly Community Renewal based on place attachment theory

The search of haishanxian garden

Gamification situational tourist at Panxi Restaurant

Boundary Wall Garden

Conceptual design of future community in Dharavi Slum

Interpreting Healthy Communities

Landscape design of Nanhua Times City Phase IV