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Boundary Wall Garden

Conceptual design of future community in Dharavi Slum

Dharavi, located in Mumba, india, is the second largest slum in the world and the largest in Asia. According to a report on November 2, 2020, the total number of COVlD-19 confirmed cases in Dharavi has risen to 3617. But due to lndia’s huge population base, mainstream views believe that this number will be even greater. Although the India governments excellent management of the epedimic prevention and control in the Dharavi region has received
including the World Health Organization’s globa praize. However. in the face of unpredictable outbreaks in the future, residents living in Dharavi still face great difficulties.

Considering travel is one of the major industries in this site, this design aims to balance the life of quarantine and daily communication by creating a new type of community. In each housing unit, residents can guarantee their safety of not being infected, keep their mental health by communicating with neighbors, and earn money by selling goods outside the “wall” to the tourist trail.