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Cencun Youth “Rooting” Project

Youth-Friendly Community Renewal based on place attachment theory

Based on the theory of place attachment, Cencun Youth Roots Plan is a youth-friendly renovation design for the young migrant population in Cencun community, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, aiming at enhancing the place attachment of the young floating population and improving their happiness and sense of community belonging. The youth living space is constructed by updating infrastructure, optimizing street space, and creating an all-age-friendly activity space. Create emotional space for young people from three aspects: displaying local culture, activating existing natural space, and creating a healing space for young people. Finally, it is to create social space for youth, including designing exclusive spaces for youth and planning various community activities.


Conduct research on local history and place attachment theory

Conduct interviews, questionnaires and design in the field

Graphize the results and submit them to the competition