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The search of Haishanxian Garden

Gamification situational tourist at Panxi Restaurant

Guangzhou Haishanxian Garden is the pinnacle of Lingnan Garden. However, the urban historical landscape has been declining with the accelerating urbanization process. To perpetuate the precious historical culture of Haishanxian Garden and strengthen the connection between the city’s historical information and people’s day-to-day life, we introduce gamification design as a more effective way to build situational representation, to explore contemporary dissemination of urban historical and environmental information and to provide new ideas for the protection and renewal of the urban historical landscape of Guangzhou city.

This study analyze and summarizes historical materials, then designed the game — The Search of Haishanxian Garden, under the guidance of a role-playing game framework. The full gaming experience combines an online game on the WeChat public platform and real-life scenes of Panxi Restaurant. The idea of combining AR into the game was proposed. Finally, a structured questionnaire and semi-structured interview were used to record the participants’ evaluation and feedback.

The Chinese version of this LARP/Jubensha(剧本杀) is now on itch.


Carried out the historical research on Lingnan garden life

Designed the game The Search for Haishanxian Garden

Present the game in paper-based board game and app